Fine Coral Stone Furnishings & Select Pieces

CoralFurnishings is the exclusive distributor for Coral Tech Coral Stone Furnishings
and Fine Coral Stone Pieces, imported directly from the Dominican Republic.

Our coral is harvested from dormant reef quarries, located in the heart of the beautiful Dominican Republic. This high-quality, unique coral stone of the finest quality is perfect for outdoor furnishings and flooring because of its durability and beauty.

Exquisitely crafted natural coral stone


Your source for coral stone furnishings & fine coral stone pieces.


A lifestyle that brings you relaxation, well-being and priceless moments with family and friends. It’s about surrounding your outdoor space with products that reflect your style and make you feel good.


We are able to offer you unique coral stone furnishings, and fine, hand-selected coral stone pieces. Our products feature some of the highest quality coral stone in the industry, from Coral Tech.


Coral Furnishings is a division of APF Furnishings, a subsidiary of APF Florida. Also, please visit our FlameFurnishings website for the latest and greatest in outdoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and outdoor fire bowls.



FlameFurnishings is the home of the finest fire pits, fire bowls, outdoor fireplaces and more.

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Coral Furnishings – retailer of coral stone furnishings including coral stone tables and chairs, coral stone vases and planters, and even coral stone fire pits. We also offer coral stone pieces for use in outdoor flooring and more. Conveniently located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida.