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APF Coral is a subsidiary of Architectural Precast and Foam. Coral Furnishings is the retail division of APF Coral. APF Coral is the sole distributor for Coral Tech coral stone furniture in the U.S.


Architectural Precast and Foam is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our 18,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility can accommodate all of your cast stone or foam needs.

Our coral stone furniture is made only from the finest coral, quarry-mined, and imported directly from the Dominican Republic. Selected from the best quarries in the Dominican Republic, our coral’s quality and beauty is second to none.

Natural Coral Stone

Coral is unlike any other type of stone. It is actually the skeletal remains of marine polyps. Formed by nature beneath the ocean floor over a billion years ago and revealed during continental shifts, coral stone is noted for its exotic and distinctive fossilized texture. This highly durable natural stone is a visual and tactile reminder of the earth’s history.


Natural coral stone is only harvested from inshore dormant coral reefs, which contain the same intricate designs and textures of living coral. Our natural products are specially cut and sized to display the natural beauty of the coral and fossil patterns contained within the material.

Aside from its beauty, one of the most

notable characteristics of coral stone is its ability to maintain a cool temperature, even when exposed to high summer temperatures in tropical regions. This makes coral stone ideal for use in exterior furniture, fixtures and flooring.


There is no harm in exposing our coral stone to extreme cold, heat or rain. It is ideally suited to the varied weather conditions of a subtropical climate.


In its natural state, coral stone has an opaque look (matte), but it can be polished to obtain a glossy look. Additionally, it can be shaped in many ways to suit your needs.

Our History

A compelling desire in the market place for unique cast stone products has driven APF to acquire the latest technology in computer aided design and manufacturing. APF has the capability of creating and reproducing any architectural element a builder, designer, architect or homeowner could imagine.


Consulting services for design layout, material selection and installation recommendations are available in our showroom or on site.  A commitment to high quality, capacity to ensure dependable lead times and competitively priced material has set a new standard in an industry that is forever evolving. The APF design, installation and management team has collectively over 50 years experience, and can simplify the concept to completion process.  A full product line can be produced in full weight, GFRC (glass fiber reinforced cement), lightweight cement or hard coated foam.



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Coral Furnishings – retailer of coral stone furnishings including coral stone tables and chairs, coral stone vases and planters, and even coral stone fire pits. We also offer coral stone pieces for use in outdoor flooring and more. Conveniently located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida.